Sunday, January 22, 2012

Snow Cookies for the Birds

With just a little bit of snow on the ground we were able to make these cute little snow cookies for the birds using some inspiration from Active Kids Club. Making the snow cookies was accompanied by some great pretend cooking play outdoors. This would make a nice activity indoors just bring the snow inside in a big bucket.

Put some snow on a cookie sheet. Using cookie cutters create different shapes. Sprinkle the snow cookies with birdseed.

Place your cookie sheet into a pretend oven outdoors - we used the picnic table but if you had more snow you could dig a small cave for a fun outdoor oven and add stones or sticks for pretend on/off or temperature buttons.

Once the cookies were done, she took them out of the "oven".

Then onto the snow to serve to the birds.

This activity encourages:
  • pretend play
  • imagination
  • fine motor skills
  • bilateral coordination (using both sides of the body)
  • FUN!

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  1. these are lovely & what a great idea for playing outside on a snowy day - looks like everyone was happy with that outcome. Thanks so much for linking up this week, Kierna