Friday, April 3, 2015

A to Z Scavenger Hunt at Museum

We played a super fun and free game at the museum today. We split up into three teams. My two oldest children are able to go around the museum by themselves so they were on their own team. My husband paired up with our two sons and I was with the two youngest girls. Our mission was to find words in order from each letter of the alphabet. We had 60 minutes to take pictures of words letters A-Z, in order. You could not skip a letter and you could not use a plaque or sign for more than two pictures.   Using our phones, we took pictures of words all the way through Z. Needless to say, my team WON!!! Woohoo for us. The prize was that we get to pick the restaurant the next time we eat out. 

This was a great way to visit a museum and keep it fun for everyone.

What is your favorite free game to play as a family?