Here are some great family games that are all set to print and play.  Just add to the shopping cart and check out.  Then you will receive an email with a link to download the games immediately!  Print and play - it's that easy!

Waiting Games is a 22 page download of twenty games to play while on a road trip, waiting for an appointment or sitting around a campfire.  This collection of activities encourages children to develop self-regulation, creativity and communication skills while they wait. 

This packet includes games such as 60 Seconds, Reverse 20 Questions, Let's Debate, Outside the Box and more! 

This is an electronic document so immediately following payment you will receive an email with the link to download the book.  You can print it and toss it in the car so you have something to rely on during those times when the kids start to get antsy.  If you don't want to print it, just save the PDF to your smartphone or tablet and take it with you to reference wherever you are.

Download a free sample page - I Spy Memory Lane

To order Waiting Games for $3.99 click on the ADD TO CART button. You will receive an email with a link immediately following payment to download the book.


Memory Challenge:  This 28 page PDF document will challenge your visual memory skills.  There are 2 versions of the game.  The easier version consists of 20 pages with 12 objects on each page.  Memorize the objects, cover them up and write what you can remember.  The difficult version includes one recording sheets and 5 memory boards with 100+ objects on each page to try and remember.  Perfect for a family game night or for solo play.

Download a free sample page - Welcome to the Zoo.

To purchase the download of Memory Challenge for $3.99 ADD TO CART below.  You will receive an email to download the document immediately following payment.  SALE PRICE OF $1.99 until 4/30/16.



Category Games:  This 42 page PDF download includes 4 category games to play with the family.  You can play with one player or as a large group.  Just print a recording sheet for each player.  Want to play the game on the road? Print over 200 category cards and go!  Use a hole punch to record words or color in the circles on the cards.

Perfect activity for family game nights. Younger children can be on a team to help come up with different words in the categories. Older children or adults can record the answers.  These games are fun and challenging for all ages.

This download also includes a FREE party pack extension with everything you will need to host a Category themed family game night.  There is invitation, food menu ideas and to do list.

Find out more information here.  Download a sample Top 10 Recording Sheet and 6 Category Punch Cards.

The complete download is only $4.99.   Add to the shopping cart and check out.  You will receive an email with a link to download the games immediately!


Set the Record Packet:

The Set the Record download is a collection of 25 different finger testing, singing and physical activity challenges.  Pick a challenge and see who can set the record for the fastest, longest, most, shortest and tallest skills! Write down the top scores to keep track of who holds the records for each challenge.  Print as full size pages or smaller cards for travel size. You will need some household items to complete the challenges such as paper, pencils, coins, etc.  Download a free challenge page and try to be the fastest.    Set the Record is also available as a card set.  Only $1.99.  Add to the shopping cart and check out.  You will receive an email with a link to download the games immediately!


Silly Sketches includes 10 drawings to create by following 6 simple directions.  There are 10 drawing starters for each silly sketch to make the activity easier if necessary.  This is suitable for one child to complete or for a group of children.  This electronic book is in black and white.  This download encourages:  drawing skills, ability to follow step by step directions, creativity, visual motor skills and visual perceptual skills.  As with all our products, the activities are reproducible to use over and over again with all the children that you teach. Get sample game page from Silly Sketches.

Remember this is an electronic book.  Following payment you will receive a link to download the book.  To purchase the Silly Sketches download for $1.99 with credit card click on the ADD TO CART button. 


Christmas Doodle Find:  This 18 page PDF download is a Christmas seek and find game that includes 4 different game boards, 6 recording pages and also includes 5 find and color pages.  This game requires no preparation - just print and play!  In addition, there are directions included to create a travel version of the game.  Liven up the holiday family party or entertain the kids after the feast! Download a sample find and color page.  Only $2.99

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