Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Rock and Roll

Here is a fun activity combining the outdoors, crafting and gaming! Oh yeah and it incorporates a holiday theme - Valentine's Day. You could change it up by changing what you paint to match any holiday. You can read or watch the video for how to make the game.

Head outdoors and gather up 10 smooth, flat stones about 1/2" to 1 " in diameter.


Paint one side of each of the stones. For this example, we painted hearts on the ten stones.

We painted a coat of clear nail polish over each of the stones to give them a nice, shiny finish.

Put the ten stones in your hand. Roll them onto the ground or floor like you would dice or jax. Count the stones that are face up (heart side showing). The first player to get 30 stones face up is the winner. Each person gets one roll per turn. If you are playing by yourself, count how many rolls it takes you to get to 30. Prefer the watch the video?

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