Monday, January 16, 2012

Play Outdoors Flag Hunt

This is a favorite outdoor game - flag hunt. Here is how you play:

1. Preparation: To make the flags, cut up four different colors of fabric or felt. Make sure you have one of each color strip for each team. We play with two teams so you need 2 of each color. If you are playing by yourself, you obviously only need one of each color.

Make matching cards. On index cards draw circles to match the colors of the strips of fabric. So for our example we needed orange, yellow, green and purple circles. Do each card in a different order. Create 4 cards. Now you are ready to play.

2. A person who will not go on the hunt hides the flags within a designated area. You can tie them to trees, stuff inside a bush or put on the ground but most of the flag has to be showing.

3. Each team (or individual if only one player) picks a card. You have to go find the flags in the order on the card. So if the circles are yellow, orange, green and purple then, you have to find the yellow flag and run it back. Return to find the orange flag and bring that back. Find the green flag and bring it back. Finally, find the purple flag and bring that back for the win! You must bring only one flag back at a time.

Happy Flag Hunting!
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  1. FANTASTIC idea! I'd like to invite you to come link this up to the Outdoor Play Party, a place to share ideas for kids playing outdoors. It is hosted every other Friday and a new edition is coming out this Friday. Hope to see you there!

  2. Thanks for the comment. Just linked up. Will try and be there every two weeks. I LOVE outdoor play. Always puts us all in a good mood and we get exercise. Have to admit when it was 8 degrees two days I ago we did stay indoors.

    1. Thanks for linking up! Looking forward to more of your posts!