Thursday, December 8, 2011

Ideas for Playing Pretend School

Children, especially young girls, love to play school. Whether it be friends, dolls or stuffed animals for students kids will instruct anyone if given the chance. Sometimes they just need a little push to get the game going. The next time your child comes to you saying they are bored perhaps you can help set up a pretend school to spark their imagination. Try some of these ideas:
1. Set up a table for the head teacher. Put some paper and pencils on it.
2. Put some pillows on the floor or small chairs for the students.
3. Children love to use tape, hole punches and staplers. Put some on the teacher's desk.
4. If you can hang a dry erase board in your play room it will be money well spent. My children spend so much time with this cheap "toy". Whether it be pretending to be the teacher, writing song lyrics or drawing targets to throw a ball at the white board gets a lot of use.

Sometimes children just need a little push to get started and then take off with the idea. Check out our Pretend Play - School Packet for forms and signs to supplement playing school. This is a great way to encourage literacy while your child plays. If your child is old enough to read and write they will love all the prompts to use while playing. If your child can't read yet, they will see how words associate with pictures.

Playing Pretend - School

Get 28 forms and signs to play pretend school.

Visit GrowingPlay for more information.


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