Thursday, December 22, 2011

Build Your Own Balance Beam

This was a great activity we did last week. The kids have been very interested recently in using real tools. At first I was hesitant but figured why not try it. I guess I better mention use all tools with adult supervision. So they decided they wanted to make a balance beam. We had lots of scrap wood lying around to make one.

They started out by picking a 2x4 that was too long. Out came our first real tool - the saw. Working together they were able to saw through the 2x4 with almost no help. I was really impressed by their hard work and determination. Even they were surprised when they finally made it all the way through.

Next came the hammer and nails. They hammered in a few nails on each end to keep the beam on the wooden blocks.

And, voila the beam was completed. She was so proud. After a few times across though they wanted to add on. So using some other scraps they created some bridges up to the beam (see photo below).

This play time encouraged:
  • sense of accomplishment
  • eye hand coordination
  • bilateral coordination
  • spatial awareness skills
  • balance skills
  • lots of physical activity outdoors

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