Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Kitchen Puzzle

Here is a quick way to make a homemade puzzle for little ones.  This is a great activity because you can vary it so easily based on your child's ability but tracing a few shapes or more shapes.

Grab a file folder or large paper.  Trace around some objects from your kitchen i.e. cookie cutters, measuring cup, spoon or magnets.

When done, lay the objects around the border of the paper and see if your child can match up the objects to the outline.  So simple to make but reinforces a child's visual perceptual and fine motor skills.

Check out the Baby Toddler Book Pages.  This is a digital download of 10 entertaining and educational pages for baby. This set includes the following 10 themes: baby, dogs, cats, toys, animals, farm, trucks, outdoors and 2 color identification pages. 

You can print the pages on cardstock paper and laminate. If you don't want to print the pages, let your baby/toddler look and read the picture pages on a smartphone, tablet or computer.  Find out more at http://www.growingplay.com/toddlerpages.html


  1. Love this! Simple and smart. Plus you can use it for any theme or topic you are learning about together.

  2. Super smart! I love folder games.We would love for you to come and share this at our Pinning for play link party!

  3. love this! what's an appropriate age to start?

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