Thursday, May 24, 2012

Draw Something Sidewalk Chalk Style

Are you familiar with the app called Draw Something?  It is a very fun social app where you play drawing and guessing games with your friends or anyone.  We decided to play Draw Something outdoors using sidewalk chalk.  Here is what you do if you are not familiar with the game that basically combines Pictionary with Hangman.

1.  Think of a word - i.e. island (as pictured above).   Anything simple to start out with works.

2.  Draw boxes for how many letters the word is.

3.  Write letters that are in the word below the boxes.  Scramble the letters and include a few additional letters that are not in the word.

4.  Now the fun begins.  The person who drew out the boxes and letters starts drawing a picture of the word.  Everyone playing guesses out loud. 

5.  If no one guesses it you can "bomb" letters.  The person drawing can choose to start crossing out some of the extra letters that are written. 

Have fun taking this iphone app off the phone and play it outdoors!

Sidewalk Chalk Fun and Games Ebook

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  1. A great way to bring the inside outside for children. Thank you for sharing on Country Kids

  2. Sounds fun. My son did chalking outside at playgroup this week too.

  3. This post is perfect for the Monday Kid Corner Weekly Linky Party. The next party goes live Sunday morning and this week’s theme is SIDEWALK CHALK. Be sure to brush off those archives as well and link them up at See you there! Jennifer

    1. Thanks for the invite. Just added it to your link up. We just played this game again the other day. Always lots of fun to mix up the usual sidewalk chalk for older kids.