Thursday, April 5, 2012

Addition to Sensory Play

My toddler loves sensory play with beans, rice, oatmeal and more.  We added this nice addition to her sensory play - the milk jug with a tube on it.  I just rolled a piece of cardstock, taped it closed and then duct taped it to the top of the milk jug.  I also cut open the side of the milk jug so she can get all the beans back out.  It just takes pouring one step further - they mystery of not seeing the beans for a moment intrigue her and then the beans make a wonderful noise when they drop into the milk jug. She also puts pom poms down the shoot - they fall quietly to the bottom.

For some reason the older kids always pick up this milk jug, turn it upside down and pretend it is a weed wacker or a leaf blower!  Kids have wonderful imaginations.


  1. What an absolutely wonderful idea, my boys would love it! I will be adding it to our next sensory bin for sure! Thanks so much for sharing! I shared your post on my facebook site. Have a great weekend!!

    Mama Of Many Blessings

  2. Thank you so much for sharing and visiting the blog.

  3. SMART! I know a few kids who will love this :)

  4. What a fun idea! My son loves "filling things" or even putting things into a tube. He would enjoy this! Pinning this to put on my to-do list!
    Gina @famiglia&seoul

  5. We're just getting started with sensory play at our house (very supervised as my 13-month old still puts many things in her mouth). Thanks for the idea!