Saturday, December 19, 2015

Quiz Question Road Trip Game

My children of all ages love this game and it is super simple.  Give them quiz questions based on their lives.  Here are some example questions:
1.  What is Grandma's middle name?
2.  How old was your mother when you were born?
3.  What day of the week were you born on?
4.  Name all of your cousins in under 30 seconds.
5.  What country was your mother's grandmother born in?
6.  What job does or did your grandfather do?
7.  What time of day were you born at?
8.  What high school did your parent(s) go to?
9.  Name your teachers from preschool.
10.  What is your mother's favorite food?
11.  What is your father's favorite food?
12.  What is Grandma's maiden name?
13.  How old were you when you learned how to walk?
14.  What was your first word that you ever said?
15.  What was the first vacation you ever went on?
16.  Who is your father named after or how did he get his name?
17.  What is your mother's favorite book?
18.  What is your sister's or brother's favorite color?
19.  What is your sister's or brother's favorite book?
20.  What is the middle name of your teacher?

The list is endless that you can create regarding specific details of your own family.  We just take turns asking each kid different questions.

Safe travels!

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